Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gita- contd.

 In Geethopadesha  three Yogas have been expounded namely-The Path of Action, The Path of Knowledge
and The Path of  Devotion. There is the inalienable relation of the three bodies viz.,The Gross (STHOOLA),
The Subtle (SOOKSHMA), and the Causal(KAARANA) bodies with the World. When employ all these three in the service of human kind and nature -this is the Path of Action; Realization of one's' identity with one's own self  after dissociating from them - this is Path of Knowledge; and surrendering oneself  to God - this is the Path of Devotion.
 In order to accomplish these three yogas  i.e., to realize one's own well-being man is endowed with three powers.
Power to do-------rendering service to the needy in the world- that is Karma Yoga
Power to know----meant for self realization                             - that is   Jnaana yoga
Power to believe-- is to totally surrender to God                      - that is Bhakthi Yoga

All the above three yogas are independant pathways of God Realization.

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  1. Nice lines with brief introduction to yoga theory..
    Geetha..always stands above all...
    Waiting for more chikkappa..super..